Help on project, anyone?

Steve Menard foo at
Sun Jan 23 20:29:23 EST 2005

Georg Brandl wrote:
> Hello,
> to train my Python skills I am looking for some project I can contribute
> to. I learned Python about one year ago, and had already some
> programming background behind (I contributed to SharpDevelop for
> instance), so I'm not the complete newbie.
> About myself: I'm a 20 year old German with strong interests in
> programming and, of course, especially in Python (I love it...).
> Does anyone run, or participate in, a project looking for fellow
> programmers? I don't have a special area of interest, well, perhaps web
> programming...
> Thanks,
> Georg

You know what I would do? I would go on Sourceforge. Try to find a 
project that seems interestingto you. and then contact the Maintainer 
see if you can help.

Many project also advertise the kind of help they need.

Steve Menard
Maintainer of

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