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Joachim Boomberschloss boomberschloss at
Fri Jan 14 16:46:48 CET 2005

 I am working on a project in Python, and I"m
 looking into the possibiliy of writing some of the
 project"s modules in Java. Given that a large part of
 the code is already written in Python, using the
 standard libraries and several extension modules, I
 trying to gauge the viability of integration with
 via Jython with minimal impact on present code, on
 complexity of future code, and on deadlines!
 I need to know in general how dirty it will be to
 combine the two languages, and what the costs I
 take into account are. I"m also interested to know if
 there are any commonly accepted strategies to fully
 switch project languages (I"m considering, in the
 extreme case, to change it all into Java), and if
 writing some modules in Java and replacing the rest
 gradually makes sense. 
 Three more specific questions I thought of:
 1. Is is possible to pack a Jython/Java program in a
 py2exe-like fashion? Is it possible to pack in such a
 way both Python, Jython and Java code?
 2. Does transferring large data structures between
 Java and Python code running by Jython have a
 significant effect on memory? For example, would
 passing the result of a large database query from
 to Jython, for further processing, cause the entire
 data to be duplicated or something similar?
 3. Did I miss anything fundemental?

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