Python Operating System???

Arich Chanachai macrocosm at
Thu Jan 6 18:37:29 EST 2005

David Brown wrote:

>Hello. I recently came across a free operating system called Unununium (or
>something like that) and it was developed in Python and Assembly.
>Now, I have been looking for a way to make an operating system for a long
>long time and the only possibilities I could find were C++ and assembly. I
>don't mind assembly so much if I don't have to use it very often. But C++ is
>so complicated and errors are pretty much impossible to find in the code for
>So, I was wondering if it would be possible to find a bootloader that loads
>a python file at startup or something...
>Is there an example somewhere of a Python OS?
People don't make Python OSs because it's a serious pain in the 
Deng-Xiao-ping.  J/k, I am half kidding.  Go to google groups, and 
search for Python OS.  You will find that this topic has been discussed 
numerous times.  There was another project other than Unununium which 
was Python based, but it is not being developed any longer and I fail to 
remember what it was called.  So search away, you will find many 
results!  Alternatively you could contact the Unununium folks for help. 

Note also that there are Java OSs as well (and probably others).  But 
then again, if you don't like C++, you probably won't like Java.  They 
can be very different languages, but in my experience, the reasons why 
one does not like C++ is usually due to a quality/flaw that can also be 
found in Java.

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