Another PythonWin Excel question

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Fri Jan 7 02:58:51 CET 2005

Yes, Mike,

Others pointed that out as well.

The difficulty is that they are all in VBAs.   Most of them can be
translated to Python fairly easily, and some I can get from looking at the
recorded macro - but some requires quite a bit of head scratching.

For instance, I wanted to figure out how create a new window.   So, I went
through the record macro process and looked at the VBA code,  it says:


Okay.  Now what???

And for switching window, it says:


Okay.  ???

So, I look through the online information on msdn and viola!  No mentioning
of that anwhere....

Would be nice if there's a Python specific of it....but just dreaming...

Back to reading MSDN.....


"Mike Thompson" <> wrote in message
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> It's me wrote:
> > I followed the example in
> > and learned that
> > add a new worksheet to an Excel workbook, you would use the
> > workbook.Worksheets.Add() method.   That works.   However, the new
> > got added *in front* of the last worksheet I was at.   How can I get it
> > add *after*?
> >
> > Thanks,
> >
> > --
> > Me
> >
> >
> Does this help?
> --
> Mike

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