Need programming tip

ssaeed1973 at ssaeed1973 at
Sun Jan 30 02:49:00 EST 2005

I am trying to write a program in python (brand new to Python) that
would create a database of posts made to binary groups so the user can
search for a certain file and have a nzb file returned. I am planning
on using the XOVER command to get the list of posts and then dump those
into a database.
The part I am stuck at now is that some file posts consist of multiple
parts as below (abbreviated XOVER reply)

1511156	As Requested 2000 adv server -2000AdvSrv.vol001+02.PAR2 (1/4) -
1511157	As Requested 2000 adv server -2000AdvSrv.vol001+02.PAR2 (2/4) -
1511158	As Requested 2000 adv server -2000AdvSrv.vol001+02.PAR2 (3/4) -
1511159	As Requested 2000 adv server -2000AdvSrv.vol001+02.PAR2 (4/4) -

I am trying to detect how many segments make up this post. One solution
would be to look for (1/ in the subject string then find the
denominator and loop thru as many times as the denominator to create
the <segment> part of the nzb file. Is this the best way or is there an
easier method? Also what would be the best way to search for the (1/
using string searches or RegExp? If REgExp could someone provide me
with the RegExp for searching for this string?


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