What can I do with Python ??

Lee Harr lee at example.com
Sun Jan 2 10:32:58 EST 2005

On 2005-01-02, Brian Beck <exogen at gmail.com> wrote:
> Alex Martelli wrote:
>> You _gotta_ be kidding, right...?  The Beginner's Guide link takes you
>> right to the BeginnersGuide page which starts with the reassurance that
>> Python is easy to learn even if you're new to programming and continues
>> with a zillion useful links.  The Python Books link takes you to a huge
> While I agree that there is much useful content on the official Python 
> site, I particularly hate the BeginnersGuide and much of the resulting 
> introduction pages. Often when I happily refer Python to someone who 
> wants to learn a simple language, I go to the Python site and imagine 
> where I would start if I were them. Once I get to the BeginnersGuide I 
> don't see anything immediately useful, and when I look for it I get 
> frustrated.

I think it looks pretty good. The only problem I see is section 5
where it says:

5. Did we miss your concern?

 Please add a comment to this page.

but the page is immutable.

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