Solutions for data storage?

Shalabh Chaturvedi shalabh at
Sun Jan 23 17:39:08 EST 2005

Leif K-Brooks wrote:
> I'm writing a relatively simple multi-user public Web application with 
> Python. It's a rewrite of a similar application which used PHP+MySQL 
> (not particularly clean code, either). My opinions on various Web 
> frameworks tends to vary with the phase of the moon, but currently, I'm 
> planning to use Quixote.

Good choice, IMO! And while you're using Quixote, you might want to look 
at QLime [1] for all your data storage needs :)

> I've looked at SQLObject, and it's very nice, but it doesn't provide 
> certain features I really want, like the ability to store lists of 
> strings or integers directly in the database (using commas in a varchar 
> column or something).

In any mapper that lets you set attributes for storing columns (such as 
QLime), this should be fairly simple using properties.

> My ideal solution would be an object database (or object-relational 
> mapper, I guess) which provided total transparency in all but a few 
> places, built-in indexing, built-in features for handling schema 
> changes, the ability to create attributes which are required to be 
> unique among other instances, and built-in querying with pretty syntax.

Briefly, QLime uses RDBMS indexing, automatically handles schema changes 
(in fact you don't define the schema in Python at all, you just create 
the table). For uniqueness you'd have to set the constraint on the 
table. To look at the query syntax avaialable, (and OR mapping features) 



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