Install Python 2.4 on Fedora 3 Core

rbt rbt at
Mon Jan 17 16:30:38 CET 2005

Bill wrote:
> I have less than a week experience on linux, so I am a new newbie.
> Python 2.3 came preinstalled.  I installed version 2.4.  All seemed to
> go well except it installed to usr/local?
> 1. Was it wrong to install when logged in as 'root'?  Does it make a
> difference?
> 2. I looked in the package editor and there was no way to uninstall
> 2.3?  Should I?  If so, how can I?  If not,what are the problems, if
> any, of having both.
> Thank you for your help.


/usr/local is the path on Unix systems where add-on software is 
traditionally installed. RH used to use Python heavily for many aspects 
of their RHL distribution. I suspect they still do this with Fedora. 
This is probably why the version of Python that came with Fedore cannot 
be removed (at least not easily).

It's OK to have the RH version and the latest version 
installed. You'll just have to specify the path to the version you wish 
to use when running your scripts like this:

/usr/local/python <>

There are some more advanced things you could do and I suspect others 
will give you better advice. But all in all, you're OK.

Have fun.

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