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>>Nope. That is not what I'm arguing. Really, I think you have
>>jumped to conclusion about that: I merely pointed out that
>>I don't like what I perceive as end effect of what GPL license
>>writers are attempting to achieve: vendor lock-in. 
>>I think I stated that clearly.
>And my counter-argument is that I believe your perception is wrong.  If
>I agreed with your focus on lock-in, I'd say that what the GPL is trying
>to lock in is a specific legal philosophy by subverting the existing

If it finally turns out that I'm wrong on this and GPL does not have
that kind of economic "vendor lock-in" _effect_ behind it (note:
effect, not intent), I will be only happy to see that. Re subverting
existing legal philosophy, I could not care less. 

Obviously the only reason that I argued that way is that given
the info that I have it simply looks like that from my viewpoint.

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