Python3: on removing map, reduce, filter

Robert Kern rkern at
Sun Jan 9 11:46:22 EST 2005

Andrey Tatarinov wrote:
> Steve Holden wrote:
>> Andrey Tatarinov wrote:
>>> Hi.
>>> How does GvR suggestions on removing map(), reduce(), filter() 
>>> correlate with the following that he wrote himself (afaik):
>  >
>> And note that the summary in the conclusiogn BEGINS with "Rule number 
>> one: only optimize when there is a proven speed bottleneck", which 
>> seems to adequately imply that straightforward code is to be preferred 
>> unless speed requirements override that.
> My main question was: "how could be this advices applied, when map, 
> reduce and filter would be removed?"

Since Python 3.0 is currently mythical and will involve a complete 
rewrite of the language and interpreter, I don't think that you should 
expect any optimization advice to carry over.

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