Transparent (redirecting) proxy with BaseHTTPServer

aurora aurora00 at
Fri Jan 28 11:25:29 EST 2005

It should be very safe to count on the host header. Maybe some really  
really old browser would not support that. But they probably won't work in  
today's WWW anyway. Majority of today's web site is likely to be virtually  
hosted. One Apache maybe hosting for 50 web addresses. If a client strip  
the host name and not sending the host header either the web server  
wouldn't what address it is really looking for. If you caught some request  
that doesn't have host header it is a good idea to redirect them to a  
browser upgrade page.

> Thanks, aurora ;),
> aurora wrote:
>> If you actually want the IP, resolve the host header would give you  
>> that.
> I' m only interested in the hostname.
>>  The second form of HTTP request without the host part is for  
>> compatability  of pre-HTTP/1.1 standard. All modern web browser should  
>> send the Host  header.
> How safe is the assumtion that the Host header will be there? Is it part  
> of the HTTP/1.1 spec? And does it mean all "pre 1.1" clients will fail?  
> Hmm, maybe I should look on the wire whats really happening...
> thanks again
>   Paul

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