Securing a future for anonymous functions in Python

Steve Holden steve at
Fri Jan 7 13:23:23 CET 2005

Paul Rubin wrote:
> "Anna" <annaraven at> writes:
>>Having taken some calculus (derivatives, limits, some integrals) but
>>never even heard of lambda calculus, to me, lambda means absolutely
>>NOTHING. Less than nothing.
> Lambda calculus is from mathematical logic, but more to the point
> "lambda" has been the term used in Lisp for this operation since time
> immemorial.  Since the kinds of programmers who want to use anonymous
> functions have probably been exposed to Lisp at one time or another,
> "lambda" should not cause any confusion.

That's probably not the most enthusiastic evangelical approach to 
functional programming I've ever heard :-)

Perhaps what we really need is a good Lisp subsystem for Python?

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