Spawning, and Killing, a Process

brolewis hcslmf at
Mon Jan 31 22:35:04 CET 2005

I am writing a program on Windows (XP Pro) that as part of the
application takes advantage of rsync's ability to synchronize a client
and server computer. However, because of the nature of our company's
policies and our proxy, I must connect using SSH and use it as a tunnel
to get to the location I need on the inside.

My delimma is that I need to be able to spawn a process that uses the
SSH, runs rsync, and then I need to be able to kill the SSH process and
do not know a way to do that in Windows. I also would prefer to have
SSH run invisible to the end user (no new window) which I get when
using spawnl

The commands I am running are as follows:

SSH Tunnel:
ssh ssh_user at -i file_name -L
873: -N

Rsync Command:
rsync -azv rsync_user at .

I am aware that you should be able to run ssh inside of rsync but there
seems to be a problem with the port of rsync that prevents me from
accomplishing this.
I thank you in advance for any assistance you are able to give.

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