Old Paranoia Game in Python

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Sun Jan 9 19:26:59 EST 2005

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>Aahz wrote:
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>>>Sean P. Kane wrote:
>>>>Equipment: Red Reflec Armour, Laser Pistol, Laser Barrel (red),
>>>>          Notebook & Stylus, Knife, Com Unit 1, Jump suit,
>>>>          Secret Illuminati Eye-In-The-Pyramid(tm) Decoder ring,
>>>>          Utility Belt & Pouches
>>>The Illuminati really have infiltrated our society.
>> Stay alert!
>> Trust no one!
>> Keep your laser handy!
>Well, I really meant "Secret Illuminati Eye-In-The-Pyramid(tm) Decoder 
>ring", but if you wanted to go in another direction...

Trust the computer, the computer is your friend.
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