Installer made with bdist_wininst segfaulting...

Fernando Perez at
Tue Jan 25 12:37:34 EST 2005

Hi Thomas,

Thomas Heller wrote:

> Fernando Perez < at> writes:

>> Here is a brief summary: if the installer file is run from a windows drive
>> which is different from the one where python resides (and hence where
>> ipython will
>> end up), the installer segfaults.  No traceback, nothing, just a segfault
>> (well, one of those Windows dialogs asking me to send a binary traceback to
>> Redmond, but not a proper Python traceback).
> There are a couple of known bugs in bdist_wininst, and you just reported
> another one.  All these bugs are related to using the
> post_install_script, and show up when either (thats what I currently
> remember):


many thanks for following up on this.  In my case, I realized I could avoid the
chdir() call and things were then OK.  But it's good to see the bug fixed.

Best regards,


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