Guild of Python consultants?

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Sun Jan 9 17:25:19 EST 2005

"Peter Hansen" <peter at ...> wrote in message
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> I also know of many people (myself included) who restrict the term
> to those who have a deep expertise in one or more areas and who
> look for projects where they can be brought in to apply that
> expertise, usually by telling the customer what to do (or what
> not to do any more, perhaps).  This sort of work can be hourly,
> or quite often daily or even at a fixed price (say, for specialized
> "emergency" troubleshooting, or for a design task).
> (The second type will take on jobs that the former would take,
> often grudgingly if work is scarce, while the former are rarely
> qualified to take on the sort of work that interests the latter.)

> Which type do you mean?

Well, I consider myself  a consultant of the second kind. Using Python for
maths/stats (often meaning decision support systems) or science related
custom software is what I prefer to do .. But I also tend to enjoy
"firefighting" web projects because they pay well and they are never
boring.. rather on the contrary.. :-)

...and I second what you said in parenthesis.
So my interest follows.

Though one could surely have two divisions of a huge guild. :-))


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