video analysis with python

Miki Tebeka miki.tebeka at
Sun Jan 16 06:44:27 EST 2005

Hello Ashot,

> 	I need to write a video analysis tool which extracts statistics from 
> microsocope video.  Essentially what I need is to translate the video data  
> into numerical matrices. I have been using Python for the past 1.5 years  
> anytime I could for absolutely everything, because it has every library  
> imaginable... Alas, I can not find a library for decoding video/using  
> codecs.  The only solution I have been able to come up with is to create  
> an image sequence and load those in with PIL, however this is not really  
> feasible as the images are too large (nor is it proffessional).
> 	Is there a library or project that I have missed, or is there a way 
> 	to  incorporate something like vfw.lib directly?  If there isn't I think 
> this  would be a pretty large whole in Python's arsenal.  Thanks in advance 
> for  any help.

1. There is PyMedia (
2. Maybe you can use the code from VLC (
  (using SWIG/PyBoost/Pyrex ...)

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