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>>>Can somebody there to point me any good commercial applications
>>>developed using python ?
>Also see Python Success Stories:
>A notable example is Verity's search engine -- see

Actually, your statement is slightly inaccurate.  The Verity search
engine is more than fifteen years old in its core technology; it was
started as a LISP project at IIRC MIT.  (At one point I was much amused
to look at the C source code and find car() and cdr() functions.)  As of
my last information, Python isn't used at all in or with the Verity
search engine.  What you're referring to is the Verity Ultraseek engine,
originally written and owned by Infoseek before getting transferred to
Verity through a series of dot-bomb transactions.  The Ultraseek engine
doesn't use Python, but Python is used to control the engine, and I think
much of the spider is written in Python.
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