python and macros (again) [Was: python3: 'where' keyword]

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at
Fri Jan 14 03:26:59 EST 2005

Paul Rubin wrote:

>> > Huh?  Expressions are not statements except when they're "expression
>> > statements"?  What kind of expression is not an expression statement?
>> any expression that is used in a content that is not an expression statement,
>> of course.
> Come on, that is vacuous.  The claim was "expressions are not
> statements".  But it turns out that expressions ARE statements.

no, expressions CAN BE USED as statements.  that doesn't mean
that they ARE statements, unless you're applying belgian logic.

(if you have a problem figuring this out, try substituting other things for
"expressions" and "statements", and see if you still think that "can be
used as" and "are" are always the same thing.  try "fish" and "pillow",
for example).

> It's just an artifact.  Whether the artifact is a desirable one is a matter
> of discussion.

no, it's Python, and it's designed this way on purpose.  go read the
language reference.


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