Windows GUIs from Python

Jon Perez jbperez808 at
Wed Jan 12 03:09:54 EST 2005

Still, what I think would appeal to a lot of people
(although they might not know it yet) as a GUI solution
for Python is Mozilla XUL with all the RDF and XPCOM
crap surgically removed from it.

If you've ever tried a couple of basic XUL tutorials, I
think you would be convinced that XUL is an even better
way to develop GUIs than visual RAD tools.

After years of doing web apps, I feel the DHTML/DOM
approach as applied to GUI creation is superior in terms
of learning curve, productivity and ease of code maintenance
to imperative language, event-driven, IDE-coupled frameworks
like Delphi, Windows Forms or Swing... except for the fact
that the HTML widgets (if you could even call them that) are
very primitive.

XUL essentially gives you full fledged GUI widgets and
allows you to script them from Javascript the same way
you script HTML elements via DOM or DHTML (very easily,
in other words).  Now, imagine being able to use Python
instead of Javascript... sounds like a match made in
heaven to me.

Unfortunately, the Mozilla developers are too enamoured
with Javascript and RDF and XPCOM to realize that
XUL (which is really shaping up beautifully if you look
at Firefox and Thunderbird) is the real star in their
stable and many people would like to use it without being
forced to deal with the other complicated, overengineered
technologies surrounding it.

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