Time script help sought!

sp1d3rx at gmail.com sp1d3rx at gmail.com
Tue Jan 11 21:49:04 CET 2005

using my code above...
start = x[3].split(":") #split the minutes from the seconds
this splits something like 1:22:40 into three parts
1(hours), 22(mintes), 40(seconds)
so, you must add a special case handler...
if len(start) == 3:
start[1] = int(start[0]) * 60 + int(start[1])
start = start[1], start[2]
and there you go....
what this does is take the hours , multiply them by 60 and add it to
the minutes.
You will also have to change your output function to convert from
"seconds" to "hours, minutes, seconds".

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