[perl-python] 20050113 looking up syntax

Jürgen Exner jurgenex at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 14 17:24:45 CET 2005

Xah Lee wrote:
> ---------------------
> for perl syntax lookup, use perldoc in the command line. For example:
> perldoc perl

Wrong. That command will give you a high-level overview of Perl but tell you 
nothing about the syntax.
To lookup the Perl syntax you would have to use

    perldoc perlsyn

> use 'perldoc -f functionName' for specific function. example:
> perldoc -f qq

BS. That will tell you what a function does, it doesn't tell you anything at 
all about the syntax of Perl.
BTW: Why on earth are you using qq() as an example? That doc page just 
points you to 'perldoc perlop'.

> note that keywords cannot be looked up with -f. For basic keywords
> like
> if, while..., use
> perldoc perlop

BS. What gave you the idea that keywords were operators? Of course keywords 
can be found where they belong, in the syntax definition of the language, 
but not in the operator section of the documentation.

Why don't you just stop posting this nonsense?


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