Writing huge Sets() to disk

John Lenton john at grulic.org.ar
Mon Jan 10 19:40:30 EST 2005

On Tue, Jan 11, 2005 at 12:33:42AM +0200, Simo Melenius wrote:
> "John Lenton" <jlenton at gmail.com> writes:
> > you probably want to look into building set-like objects ontop of
> > tries, given the homogeneity of your language. You should see
> > imrpovements both in size and speed.
> Ternary search trees give _much_ better space-efficiency compared to
> tries, at the expense of only slightly slower build and search time.
> This is especially essential as the OP mentioned he could have huge
> sets of data.

hmm! sounds like *some*body needs to go read up on ternary trees,

Ok, ok, I'm going...

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