[perl-python] 20050112 while statement

Steven Bethard steven.bethard at gmail.com
Thu Jan 13 13:23:09 EST 2005

Xah Lee wrote:
> # here's a while statement in python.
> a,b = 0,1
> while b < 20:
> print b
> a,b = b,a+b
> ---------------
> # here's the same code in perl
> ($a,$b)=(0,1);
> while ($b<20) {
> print $b, "\n";
> ($a,$b)= ($b, $a+$b);
> }

Because you're posting this to newsgroups, it would be advisable to use 
only spaces for indentation -- tabs are removed by a lot of newsreaders, 
which means your Python readers are going to complain about 

Personally, I think you should not do this over comp.lang.python (and 
perhaps others feel the same way about comp.lang.perl.misc?)  Can't you 
start a Yahoo group or something for this?  What you're doing is 
probably not of interest to most of the comp.lang.python community, and 
might me more appropriate in a different venue.


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