xml parsing escape characters

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at pythonware.com
Fri Jan 21 13:08:06 EST 2005

Luis P. Mendes wrote:

> xml producer writes the code in Windows platform and 'thinks' that every
> client will read/parse the code with a specific Windows parser.  Could
> that (wrong) XML code parse correctly in that kind of specific Windows
> client?

not if it's an XML parser.

> Do you know any windows parser that could turn that erroneous encoding
> to a xml tree, with four or five inner levels of tags?

any parser *can* do that, but I doubt many parsers will do it unless
you ask it to (by extracting the string and parsing it again).  here's the
elementtree version:

    from elementtree.ElementTree import parse, XML

    wrapper = parse(urllib.urlopen(url))
    dataset = XML(wrapper.findtext("{http://www......}string"))


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