Continuations Based Web Framework - Seaside.

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Sun Jan 2 08:24:00 EST 2005

Mike Thompson wrote:
> 'Seaside' is a Smalltalk framework for what might be called "Modal Web 
> Development" or "Synchronous Web Programming", or even "Continuation 
> Based Web Apps".

Continuation Based Frameworks seem to be getting quite some attention 
lately. For example in the Lisp world. Check out Bill Clementson's blog 
for some excellent posts.

And Seaside looks indeed very nice. Would be good to see it generate 
some new interests in Smalltalk/Squeak.

> I googled for the python spin-off but didn't find one. 

Does Python really need yet another framework? Apart from the 
intellectual excersise, wouldn't it be nice if Python would get a 
framework "for the rest of us" (meaning: mere mortals) which would focus 
  upon getting work done in a simple manner instead of creating yet 
another, new, hip, exciting, way of creating dynamic websites? If Python 
cannot deliver a PHP clone, at least you would expect a Rails lookalike. 
And though part of the Rails stack may be surpassed easily by Python 
equivalents, no Python alternative offers (imho of course) the same 
level of simplicity, elegance and pragmatism (!!) as Rails does.



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