Tkinter vs wxPython

Gabriel Cosentino de Barros aut_gbarros at
Thu Jan 27 12:17:51 EST 2005

*warning* My very own opinions ahead. no flame intended.

> Try them both out for an hour or two, and go with whichever
> one "feels right".  You very likely won't be making a mistake.

i did that for java+swing, python+tk, python+gtk, python+wxWindow and

I limited myself in one hour, and at a maximum 2 hours if the docs aren't
perfect (i had zero experience at the time with all of them)

The program code was already written, it only needed the gui.

Java took me 3 hours to hook all the ungly hacks for dealing with threads in
the AWT... but i will not elaborate on it because it would be kicking a dead
horse. now for something completely diferent: python :)

tk: the docs where superberb! done everything in 25min! then spent an hour
polishing and adding status bars for everything :)

gtk: had to use the C api docs. wasted some time figuring it out, gave up
after one hour and a half and ended up with a window layout that didn't
maximezed well.

wx: Almost two hours. Once you get used to the docs and get the knowledge to
read some examples all is fine. i liked the result. and liked the api but
disliked the sea of constants necessary (i hated it in gtk also)

glade: i gave up after 2hours of reading licenses and dealing with broken
libs. Also, i can't run in beOS or tweak widgets. bah! rather go back to
visual basic ;)

Now going back on topic: A think that neighter Tk nor wxWindow is a good
choice for python. They both suck much of it when it came to abstraction.
They're still better than glade or gtk. But could improve a lot. wxWindow
has simple an ugly API, and Tk has a huge sin in the syntax to pass actions
to the buttons.

But after all, i'm using exclusively TK for now. But things might change as
i'm in a project with a huge need of non-ortodox input, so i may be going
back to read about wxWindow event handlers or even pygame.

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