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David Bolen db3l at
Thu Jan 6 13:15:01 EST 2005

"It's me" <itsme at> writes:

> Yes, I read about that but unfortunately I have no experience with VBA *at
> all*.  :=(

You don't really have to know VBA, but if you're going to try to
interact with COM objects from Python, you'll find it much smoother if
you at least use any available reference information for the COM
object model and interfaces you are using.

In the Excel case, that means understanding - or at least knowing how
to look in a reference - its object model, since that will tell you
exactly what parameters an Add method on a worksheet object will take
and how they work.

For excel, online documentation can be found in a VBAXL9.CHM help file
(the "9" may differ based on Excel release), but it might not always
be installed depending on what options were selected on your system.  In
my English, Office 2000 installation, for example, the files are located in:
    c:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\1033

You can load that file directly, or Excel itself will reference it
from within the script editor help (Tools->Macro->Visual Basic Editor,
then F1 for help).  If you methods or classes and have the help
installed it'll bring in the reference.

You can also find it on MSDN on the web, although it can be tricky to
navigate down to the right section - the top of the Office 2000 object
documentation should be available at:

This is mostly reference information, but there are some higher level
discussions of overall objects (e.g., worksheets, workbooks, cells,
etc...) too.

-- David

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