newbie ?s

Venkat B venkatbo at
Thu Jan 13 17:59:01 EST 2005

Hi folks,

I'm looking build a CGI-capable SSL-enabled web-server around Python 2.4 on
It is to handle ~25 hits possibly arriving "at once". Content is non-static
and built by the execution of py cgi-scripts talking to a few backend

1) I was wondering if anyone has opinions on the ability of CGIHTTPServer (a
forking variant) to be able to handle this.
2) If so, would something like pyOpenSSL be useful to make such a webserver

I checked out John Goerzen's book: Foundations of Python Network Programming
(ISBN 1590593715) and searched around. While I found how one can write py
scripts that could communicate with SSL-enabled webservers, tips on building
SSL-enabled webservers isn't obvious.

I was hoping to build a cleaner solution around the CGIHTTPServer variant
instead of say something like mini-httpd/OpenSSL/Python. I'd appreciate any


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