Continuations Based Web Framework - Seaside.

Paul Rubin http
Sun Jan 2 20:00:58 EST 2005

dial#####$#$#NOSPAM####$$##$tone at (Valentino Volonghi aka Dialtone) writes:
> Since I've already said Nevow with wolf works the same as borges.
> The only thing that wouldn't work without continuations is the back
> button. With greenlet module (from Armin Rigo) also the back button will
> work.

Thanks, I'm not familiar with wolf, borges, or greenlet.  I've also
been wondering what Rails is.  

Maybe some configuration of PyPy can supply first-class continuations
like the old Stackless did.  That would be really cool for all sorts
of reasons.

Then again, maybe it's reasonable to just fake it all, using ordinary
threads and queues.  I might try coding something that way.

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