Python Operating System???

Roose b at b.b
Sat Jan 8 23:27:32 EST 2005

OK I've heard of that.  But the original poster didn't ask to make a Python
machine and then a Python OS.

My point was that you can't do a lot of hardware interface programming in
pure Python -- there would be so much non-trivial code in C that it would be
hard to call it a Python OS.

So this basically proves my point -- that you need different hardware
altogether in order to make an OS in a high level language like Lisp or

And if that Lisp OS on a PC simulator works... that still wouldn't disprove
what I'm saying.  What does the PC simulator run on?  An OS?  or it part of
the OS?  Either way you've got tons of non-trivial code in C/C++/assembly.

"Paul Rubin" <> wrote in message
news:7x8y734jlq.fsf at
> "Roose" <b at b.b> writes:
> > > Is an OS written in Lisp also ludicrous?  Because it's been done.
> >
> > Can you point me to this?  I'd like to see how "truly" Lisp it is.
> > My first guess would be -- not very.  And I'd like to install it on my
> Although written with federal funds at a university, it was never
> released to the public, but was instead offered for sale from some
> companies.  The conflicts over this led to the birth of the free
> software movement.
> Also, it was never intended to run on PC's (which didn't exist at that
> time).  It needed special hardware that was built for the purpose of
> running Lisp.  Lately there are people trying to program PC's to
> simulate the Lisp hardware and to get the Lisp Machine software
> released (now that the commercial market for it has long since dried
> up).  However, both of those projects have a ways to go.

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