embedding jython in CPython...

johng2001 at rediffmail.com johng2001 at rediffmail.com
Sun Jan 23 03:13:04 CET 2005

> As for using JPype ... well it depends on what you want to script. if

> you Java code is the main app, I'd eschew CPython completely and use
> Jython to script. If you main app is in Python, and the Java code is
> "simply" libraries you wish to use, then I'f go with CPython + Jpype.
> is very easy to manipulate Java objects that way, even to receive
> I guess it all comes down to what you mean by scripting, and exaclt
> the structure of your application (as far as what is java and
> If you care to explain your situation a bit more, we'll be better
> to help you.
> Steve Menard
> Maintainer of http://jpype.sourceforge.net

While we are on topic, I am having some trouble understanding JPype
classpath. How do I init the JVM with the folder in which the Python
program is located included in the classpath?

I tried
t = JPackage('.').test

That did not work.

My environment variable includes current folder in the classpath

I tried passing it as an argument to startJVM. Didn't help.

I think my main use is going to be using CPython with a few Java custom
classes and if anyone has a snippet on this it would really help me.

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