win32com.client problem

It's me itsme at
Wed Jan 5 19:31:03 CET 2005

I've been using the win32com module with very good success in placing data
onto an Excel spreadsheet.  However, whenever I have an error in my script
(like mapping a non-square array onto the spreadsheet), something breaks.
After fixing my error and restart the Python program again, Excel would
start up a window with a "Microsoft Excel - BookX" where X is a increasing
number (1,2,3,4,....) instead of just 1.  Then, the spreadsheet portion of
the screen is hidden - I can only see the menu bars (on top).

If I restart the computer, run the Python script again and Excel would
behave fine and it would start with "Microsoft Excel - Book1" everytime.

My guess is that there is a zombie Excel process that got stuck in the
system.  However I couldn't tell for sure by looking at the Process Manager

Any idea how I can prevent this?



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