How to list the global functions from a C program

Francesco Montorsi f18m_cpp217828 at
Fri Jan 14 10:01:13 EST 2005

Hi all,
    I'm a Python newbie and I'm trying to add to my C++ program a limited
support for scripts written in python.
In particular, I'd like to load user scripts written in python, list all the 
he defined in the script file and then call them.

To begin I wrote into my C++ program (correctly linked to python 2.3.2):

/* create the main module */
 m_pModule = PyImport_AddModule("__main__");
 m_pDict = PyModule_GetDict(m_pModule);
 m_pGlobals = m_pDict;
 m_pLocals = m_pDict;        // is this right (globals==locals) ??

/* to try out python, I want just to force the creation of
a simple function and then call it from C */
PyRun_StringFlags("def donothing():\n\treturn 'hello'\n",
      Py_file_input, m_pGlobals, m_pLocals, 0);

/* scan all the contents of the __main__ module... */
 PyObject *list = PyObject_Dir(m_pGlobals);
 if (!list || PyList_Check(list) == FALSE)

for (int i=0,max=PyList_Size(list); i<max; i++) {

      PyObject *elem = PyList_GetItem(list, i);
      if (PyCallable_Check(elem) != 0) {

           /* this should be a function..  */
            /* HERE IS THE PROBLEM: this code is never reached */
           PyObject *str = PyObject_GetAttrString(elem, "func_name");

Everything seems to work but then when scanning the list returned
by PyObject_Dir() I never find any callable object....
what am I doing wrong ?

Thanks indeed,
Francesco Montorsi

The perverse principle of programming: there is always another bug. (Murphy)

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