tkinter socket client ?

Russell E. Owen rowen at
Mon Jan 24 21:20:43 CET 2005

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 "Tonino" <tonino.greco at> wrote:

>yeah - had a look at createfilehandler() - was a bit confusing - but
>your example helps ;)

Be warned that createfilehandler does not work on Windows, though it 
works well on unix and MacOS X.

So my suggestion is one to try any of these (any of which are preferable 
to threads):
- file handlers for non-Windows code
- use tcl sockets for cross-platform code.
- use Twisted Framework (some work to learn, but supposedly very solid; 
I confess I've never used it myself).

There is a bit of info on the first two options (including a link to the 
RO package that includes a python interface to tcl sockets) here:


-- Russell

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