Best python postgres module?

Frank Miles fpm at
Mon Jan 31 11:02:24 EST 2005

In article <mailman.1537.1106944164.22381.python-list at>,
Robert Brewer <fumanchu at> wrote:
>Roland Heiber wrote:
>> i recently migrated from mysql to postgresql and did use 
>> severel python 
>> postgres-modules. All do what they are designed for, so 
>> which one would 
>> you use? psycopg, pygresql, pypgsql? psycopg seems to be the best 
>> solution for heavy traffic/multiple connections .... i have no real 
>> testing environment, so any advice which one to use for different 
>> usecases would be nice.
>If your "use cases" involve cross-platform development (i.e. Linux and
>Windows), pypgsql seems to fit the bill nicely.

psycopg is available for WinXX as well, though I'm not sure how long it
takes for bleeding-edge (development versions) to get to WinXX.


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