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Ola Natvig ola.natvig at
Thu Jan 27 08:02:19 EST 2005

santanu wrote:
> Hi all,
> I know a little python (not the OOP part) learnt by studying the online
> tutorial. Now I would like to learn it more thoroughly.
> I have access to 'Programming Python' which I liked (on flipping
> through the
> pages), but the problem is it deals only with version 2.0 of Phython.
> So, I would be glad if you could suggest me whether it would be really
> a good
> idea to learn from this book. In other words, will I have to unlearn
> too much
> after I complete this book (by the time I am done with this book, I
> believe
> we will be having Python 2.6 or so).
> Please suggest.
> Regards,
> Santanu

I realy would recomend Practival Python it's a wery good book which I 
think it's written for 2.2 or 2.3, but it's got all the basic modern 
python aspects like new style classes.

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