The best way to do web apps with Python?

Ian Bicking ianb at
Sun Jan 9 03:51:31 EST 2005

Steve Holden wrote:
> More ways than you can shake a stick at, but nowadays you should 
> consider using WSGI if you want your code to be portable across many 
> frameworks. The Web SIG worked very hard last year on defining this 
> gateway interface, with the intention that it should become widely 
> available, and implementations are available now on environments as 
> diverse as mod_python and CherryPy.
> You can read about it in Philip Eby's excellent PEP at

WSGI isn't really something an application programmer can use; or at 
least it's not likely to be a very satisfying experience if they do. 
I'm optimistic that at some point most of the actively developed Python 
web frameworks we have now will be ported to WSGI.  Ultimately, I think 
WSGI should be something a more casual Python web programmer wouldn't 
even realize exists.

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