py2exe problem

Grant Edwards grante at
Tue Jan 25 23:49:00 EST 2005

On 2005-01-26, Club-B42 <club4_2 at> wrote:

> i've compiled my programm using command "python py2exe >1"
> python script works fine, but .exe version fails with

> LookupError: no codec search functions registered: can't find encoding

Googling for the error message will find you the answer.  I
don't remember what it is, but that's how I found it. IIRC,
it's the very first in when you google Usenet.  You need to
tell py2exe to include some module-or-other that it doesn't by
default.  I don't remember the exact recipe, but I've got it at
work. If you can't figure it out by tomorrow, let me know and
I'll post a snippet from my file.

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