Frameworks for "Non-Content Oriented Web Apps"

mirnazim at mirnazim at
Sun Jan 2 08:30:31 EST 2005

I have started a topic that is really vauge. I knew that this topic is
very general and abstract but I think it turned out to be more general
that I had expected.

Let me make an attemp at defining "Non-Content Oriented Web

A "Non-Content Oriented Web Application":
(1) will be accessed from web browser(obviously).

(2) will be developed using 'W3C' and other open standards(STRICTLY, to
ensure compatibility and portablity).

(3) will expose some kind of functionality to the user, not just some
document to read.

(4) functionality can be very simple to very complex.

I sat down to define what I actually mean by "Non-Content Oriented Web
Applications" with a fairly clear idea, But suddenly every thing
vanished from my mind, "OH MY GOD, I AM OUT OF WORDS". I think all of
you have been i such situation at least once. So please help me in
defining these  "Non-Content Oriented Web Applications". To give a
example, I think GMAIL comes quite close to what I am talking aout.

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