OCAMl a more natural extension language for python?

Jelle Feringa // EZCT / Paris jelle.feringa at ezct.net
Mon Jan 17 09:27:14 EST 2005

Hmmmm. Not familiar with erlang at all...

> Subject: Re: OCAMl a more natural extension language for python?
> Hi !
> OCAML is very complementary at Python :
>     unreadable vs readable

	That's depending on how you compare; I find OCAML quite readable
compared to C / Fortran

>     functionnel vs procedural/POO/etc.

	OCAML is not a true functional language, its also OO	

>     compiled vs interpreted (or compil JIT)
>     very fast vs mean velocity

	What I'm looking for!

>     hard to learn vs easy to easy to learn
	Is it in comparison to C?

> Yes, OCAML is very complementary, too much, much too, complementary at
> Python...
> But, C is not complementary to Python (in the same state of mind).

	So some additional arguments to the hypotheses of OCAMl being a
natural extension language to Python?



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