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Thu Jan 20 13:46:00 EST 2005

The printer is on LPT1, but I sure can't get the temp file to print for some 
I am using Windows XP SP2.
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> [Samantha]
> [... snip my explanation of PRINT / COPY LPTx: ...]
> | Thanks Tim,
> | That is exactly what I want to do.
> | How do I map the printer to LPT1?
> | S
> Depends on a lot of things: whether the printer is
> local or networked; what version of Windows you're
> running, &.
> As a very basic starting point: if it's a local printer
> (ie plugged into the back of your machine) it's probably
> on LPT1: already, or you could go to the Add Printer
> wizard and tell it to configure it for LPT1: there.
> If it's networked, then something like:
> NET USE LPT1: \\servername\printerqueue
> should achieve the right effect.
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