Tkinter, Alt, and Windows

Tim Daneliuk tundra at
Fri Jan 7 23:40:34 CET 2005

Arrrrrggg.  I have a program that runs comfortably across both Unix variants
and Windows ... except .... I wish to bind an Alt-ButtonRelease-3 combination
to popup a menu.  This works flawlessly under Unix, but with windows,
the menu appears briefly and then disappears.  I'm guessing that Alt
under windows generates another event that I am not catching and the
default internal Tk message handler is processing it and causing my
menu to get destroyed.

It seems that any combination involving the Alt key has this issue -
for example Control-Alt-ButtonRelease-3 does the same thing.

Has anyone else run into this behavior and have a fix???

Tim Daneliuk     tundra at
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