snakespell and myspell

vincent wehren vincent at
Tue Jan 25 14:54:30 EST 2005

Fuzzyman wrote:
> I'm looking to implement a plugin spell checker.
> I'm probably going to go with PyEnchant, as it looks to be the most
> promising currently maintained spell checker.

What I would like to know about PyEnchant is how to handle non-ascii 
input. Through trial & error I've noticed that let's say German Umlauts
are stored in the dictionary as using dead accents (is that the term?) 
(as in 'Mu"tter'), however French accented characters appear to be 
stored differently (as in '\xc3\xa9levage'. Anybody know what the 
"system" is?

> I just wondered if anyone knew what happened to snakespell and myspell.

Don't know about that. But than there also is a pyrex-driven aspell 
binding at


Vincent Wehren

> Both seem to have dissapeared from the net. People have reported good
> results from both - and it seems a shame to lose them.

> Regards,

> Fuzzy

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