List problems in C code ported to Python

Grant Edwards grante at
Mon Jan 17 10:21:03 EST 2005

On 2005-01-17, Lucas Raab <pythongnome at> wrote:

> Sorry about that. I had a bad day. First there was the
> migraine and then the fight with my significant other, so
> yesterday was not a good day. I apologize for what I said.

No worries.  As somebody else said, the best way to get help
solving problems is to post as small an example as possible
that exhibits the problem behavior.  This may take a bit of
effort, since problems sometimes go away when you try to
reproduce them in a small example (less than 50 lines or so).
If you can post a small example that doesn't do what you want
it to, I gaurantee that somebody will explain why it doesn't do
what you want and how to fix it.

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