Coding style article with interesting section on white space

Nick Coghlan ncoghlan at
Sat Jan 29 20:53:13 EST 2005

beliavsky at wrote:
> The suggestions in the cited article, "How Not to Write FORTRAN in Any
> Language", are reasonable but elementary and can be followed in Fortran
> 90/95/2003 as well as any other language. What infuriates me is that
> the author writes as if Fortran has not evolved since the 1960s. It
> has. To be specific, Fortran 90

For myself, I'd be more inclined to say you can write Perl in any language, but 
the fact that the author used Fortan as his own hated source of unreadable code 
is beside the point - the entire point of the article is that readability 
counts, no matter what language you're writing in :)

And that's why the article got published in spite of the jabs at Fortran - those 
jabs served to explain the source of the author's detestation of unreadable 
code. Anyone taking such an admittedly biased opinion and using it to form an 
opinion on _current_ Fortan has problems far bigger than a single article.


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