input record sepArator (equivalent of "$|" of perl)

Christos TZOTZIOY Georgiou tzot at
Mon Jan 3 16:46:05 EST 2005

On 21 Dec 2004 15:20:35 -0800, rumours say that "John Machin"
<sjmachin at> might have written:

>Subtle distinction: A metER is a measuring device. A MetRE is a unit of

In this case, English (compared to American English) is closer to the
original "metron" [1].  Now, if only you people wrote the plural of
"parenthesis" as "parentheseis" and not "parentheses", that would ease a
lot my Greek English... :)

[1] through the French "mètre" of course; great job, those
revolutionaries did with the metric system.  As Asimov put it, "how many
inches to the mile?"
TZOTZIOY, I speak England very best.
"Be strict when sending and tolerant when receiving." (from RFC1958)
I really should keep that in mind when talking with people, actually...

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