The Industry choice

Rob Emmons rmemmons at
Sat Jan 1 14:28:16 EST 2005

> For managers of companies it's worse: the company makes
> VERY substantial investments into any technology it "marries",
> and that means big losses if it goes. Long-term stability
> of this technology in terms of "we're not going to be left out
> in cold alone with this technology to feed it" means a lot 
> to them. Even a poor technology with external backing 
> of big, stable vendor is better than the excellent technology 
> without ......

There is the stability issue you mention... but also probably the fear
issue.  If you choose a solution from a major company -- then it fails for
some reason or they drop the product -- it's their fault -- you've got an
automatic fall guy.  On the other hand, an open source solution or 
otherwise less accepted solution ... it will probably be consider 
your fault by the organization.  It's a rational decision to avoid 
personal risk when you don't get much reward for choosing something 


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