Advice to a Junior in High School?

collegebabe2004 luv2luv_u at
Tue Jan 18 02:55:44 EST 2005

wow! Aren't we getting ahead of ourselves?  Well, I'm glad you are
beefing up your college knowledge but let's just sit back for a minute
and breathe..........there, feel better? Now, listen.  When I was a
freshman and sophomore in high school I was so sure I wanted to be an
artist and attend one of the most highly recognized and expensive art
schools in the country. I wanted to go to college back east away from
my parents.  Now I'm a psychology major in community college and I want
to attend UCLA!  First of all, NEVER SETTLE FOR LESS when it comes to
your major.  Do what it is true to your heart and never let people say
you can't! You can double major if you want to be on the safe side.
Compsci isn't an easy thing to do as you know and it's a highly
regarded profffession! By the time you graduate college, the world
could be a completely different place. But let's just worry about here
and now.  If you think too much about the future IT WILL DRIVE YOU
CRAZY!  Trust me, you are doing everything right so far.  I applaud
your effort but relax and everything will fall into place eventually!
I would suggest taking Japanese because you will have to work with them
eventually if you do decide to choose compsci as your proffesion.

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