"Re: Probleme mit der Installation der openSource Bittorrent.... python vs JAVA"

xunling xun.ling at gmx.de
Fri Jan 7 13:22:45 EST 2005

OK, no win english ;D

I want to build my own bittorrent client to add some usefull features
as "special download directory" and "save as rar-file

       Does anyone know if the azureus project has an opensource

       I want to write it in JAVA because java is what i like ;) 

       If no "open-source-bittorrent-client" could be find in java, i
would write it in python. Anyone who could tell me what the best
developmentkit is to write network app in python?, and maybe a good
book that i could eat while im sleeping?

thanks for your time - xunling


] God is the father of my doughter ;]] O_o Hu?! [

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